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From Mind Full to Mindful

my happy soul mindfulness

 We’ve all done it – driven to work and not remembered the journey there. Walked the dog and are surprised when we get back home as we can’t remember our steps back. Who hasn’t sat in front of the telly with a meal not really watching …

Just Breathe!

my happy soul just breathe

You don’t have to spend an hour in the lotus position trying hard not to twitch, whilst desperately fighting the urge to scratch that itch on your nose, to become more mindful…these  easy everyday mindfulness exercises  can be …

Easy Everyday Mindfulness

my happy soul mindful eating

This is a great little everyday mindfulness eating exercise to start experiencing mindful eating. It can be as long or as short as the time you have, just spend the time really experiencing the senses…

Active Listening

mindful listening picture

We’re all guilty of it – not really paying attention when someone is talking to us. It could be that our minds are so full of what we should have done or what we should be doing that we only half listen to the person talking to the person…

Self Care Guide

self care tips booklet

40 Easy ideas for every day self care and self love!