How do we go from mind full to mindful? 

We’ve all done it – driven to work and not remembered the journey there. Walked the dog and are surprised when we get back home as we can’t remember our steps back. Who hasn’t sat in front of the telly with a meal not really watching the it or tasting the food. This is because our minds are usually full of chatter. Our full mind is continually somewhere else –  rehashing over past events, going round in circles with things we should have done, or could have done. Or wondering and worrying what’s around the future’s corner.

I used to walk my naughty pooch Frankie in the beautiful Suffolk countryside before heading off to work at court. I’d spend the whole time worrying about what was going to confront me at work that day.   Arriving home I would walk the dog again and spend the whole time going over what had happened at work! At no point did I seem to actually be aware of walking Frankie!

Then I started meditating and becoming more mindful.

I now walk Frankie and choose to allow my ‘coulda, woulda, shoulda’ monkey chatter have the time it takes me to walk across one field. Then I try to consciously take a few deep breaths and bring myself to the moment.  I breathe in the smell of the fields (sometimes less fragrant than others!) Feel the texture of the ball before I throw it. See the fantastic shades of green all around me, and hear the beautiful birdsong. Thoughts will pass through my mind but that’s ok – I can recognise them as just that: thoughts. By letting go of my attachments to them, I can bring myself back to experiencing this magical morning. I’ve moved from ‘mind full’ to ‘mindful’. And it’s transforming! And the wonderful thing is that everybody can do it.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Meditation and Mindfulness, for me,  is about being fully aware in the present moment. When our minds aren’t so full of chatter and we aren’t so wrapped up in our own thoughts, we create space for all the things that make us wonderful human beings – kindness, compassion, joy, tranquility, calmness, love.

There’s sometimes a mystery surrounding meditation and mindfulness but it can be as simple as focusing your attention when you’re peeling potatoes. It can be listening to someone do all the hard work for you in a guided meditation. Or it can involve sitting in silence on a ten day retreat! Even a little bit of focused breathing every day will transform your life – I promise!

I try and use a lovely mixed toolbag for my meditation and mindfulness. I describe meditation for me as when I take time out of my day to deliberately sit/lie down for the sole purpose of meditating. Mindfulness, for me, is something I try to incorporate into my daily activitites as much as possible.

So, how do you fancy joining me on a fabulous journey of mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, joy, happiness, abundance and love, with a little bit of comfort and cosy thrown in too! Let’s start with some easy mindfulness exercises we can practice everyday x

Easy Everyday Mindfulness Exercises

You don’t have to spend an hour in the lotus position trying hard to not twitch, whilst desperately not trying to scratch that itch on your nose, to become more mindful…here’s some things we all do every day that can be turned into wonderful mindful experiences.