We do love a bit of meditation here at Tranquil Soul and all things beautiful and scrummy. We're also partial to a glass or two of red wine and a plentiful supply of chocolate...have an explore of some of our favourite bits and bobs that bring a touch of joy and love into our lives.

equal breathing technique
belly breathing technique
easy mindfulness exercise satsuma

Mindfulness and meditation goodies - apps we love and retreats we call home! Take a bit of time out and relax.

Our beautiful thought of the month...or sometimes just something that made us smile and laugh 🙂 What's your favourite ?

mindful of mind full just breathe

Check out our blogs on meditation and mindfulness! With lots of info about different breathing techniques and everyday mindfulness.

equal breathing technique

From yoga classes to self care, here are some of our favourite fabulous people who share our love of all things lovely!

We love these monthly calendars from the Action for Happiness peeps! A little kind something to do every day.

A little bit of indulgence with our monthly gorgeous recipe -usually involving chocolate and a lot of calories