You know how it is ladies – we’ve reached that age where it doesn’t seem to matter what we eat, what exercise we do, how many less glasses of wine we drink (!) our little Muffin Tops are determined to come to the party! We all try and love what we’ve got but sometimes we just need to feel comfortable! Fear not my lovely ladies, Tranquil Soul to the rescue. Here are my tried and tested tips on how to hide your muffin top…and I promise you they’re not painful!

Disguise your Muffin Top with Layers!

Yep, really easy tip – wear layers! For a really simple, easy fresh look, pop on a pair of jeans (or leggings if you’re off for a little Couch to 5K jog). Then add a longer length vest top which is great to cover the old bum if you’re a little bit conscious of that. Then add a lovely floaty, boxy top! Voila, gorgeous and comfy!

Wear High Waisted Jeans or Leggings

If you’ve got a bit of a love handle situation happening, the worst type of jean or legging are the ones that rest on the hips. I never was a tall beautiful Bohemian sunkissed beach hipster and never will be haha! Higher waisted bottoms are fabulous in supporting and covering, and they are so much more comfortable. Sometimes we just need a bit of comfort!

Hide that Muffin Top with Flowy and Loose tops

Go for a top that flows beautifully around your top half . Don’t be tempted though to go for a bigger size than you need else you’ll end up looking swamped! Let it skim the area you’d like to disguise. There are some fabulous flowy tops on the market and proud to say we have some gorgeous ones in our little shop!

Some other little tips are:  wear black – althoughsometimes it’s fab to spice it up with colour and pattern! If you are after pattern, try wearing it either on your bottom half or the top half – not both! Peplum tops are a great way to distract the eye from those love handles, as is a fabulous bold necklace! Let us kow your favourite disguise!